Ch. Coarhabeg Tidal Wave (Roller)

3 CC's 2 RCC's JW Group Winner

Coarhabeg Tidal Wave

Sire.: Ch. Haradale Blue Moon
Dam : Coarhabeg Little Lindy-Lou.

He is 4th generation homebred, has a wonderful temperament and like the rest of our collies is very much part of the family. You'll find his pedigree in the pedigree section. He is now fully retired but is still enjoying an active life.

Coarhabeg Crescendo (Credo)

JW - 2 RCC's - BIS

Coarhabeg Crescendo

Sire: Mallicot Ace of Base
Dam: Coarhabeg Tosca


His many wins include:

He excels in movement and head quality and has a lovely temperament.

Coarhabeg Raphael (Raffles)

Coarhabeg Rapahel

Sire.: Coarhabeg Andantino at Alanita
Dam : Coarhabeg Little Wild Rose.

Away From Home

Coarhabeg Silver Cyclone (Shay)

1 CC 4 Green Stars, 1 CACIB, BIS, BDIS, owned by Mary Darragh in Northern Ireland, is the sire of Mickey and Gail Fentonís Irish Ch. Shannmie Blue Sirrocco.

ZACH Coarhabeg Blue Monsoon at Newdawn (Sean)

owned by Jean-Paul Gossman in South Africa.
Congratulations Jean-Paul on handling SEAN to his title. He now totals 8 CC's & 3 RCC's to his credit at just 22 months of age

Coarhabeg Rose of Arranmore at Newdawn, 1 RBCC & BPIB

Sire: Coarhabeg Andantino at Alanita
Dam: Coarhabeg Lady of the Lake

Owned By Jean-Paul Gossman In South Africa.

Coarhabeg Rose of Arranmore at Newdawn

The Stud Team

Coarhabeg Andantino At Alanita - Tricolour - pedigree

Coarhabeg Othello - Tricolour - pedigree

Coarhabeg Crescendo - Dominant Sable/White - pedigree

Coarhabeg Roaring Forty - Blue-Merle - pedigree

Coarhabeg Andantino at Alanita (Basil).

He is now well settled back in the fold and is siring some excellent litters. Out of the very few shows he went to in 2004, he was 2nd Limit Dog at Lancashire and Cheshire Open Show and had a very nice win at Yorkshire Collie Club Open Show in May when he was 1st Limit Dog.

The Male Youngsters

In 2004 Coarhabeg making Waves ( Wolfie) won 1st and BOB at NE of England Working & Pastoral Breeds, judge Jeff Luscott and was highly placed at nearly every show attended, qualifying for Crufts.
2005 - He is regularly in the line-ups and was Res.Post.Grad.Dog at Crufts.

Coarhabeg Faust was well placed throughout the year including 2nd Puppy at SKC under Mary Farnes, 3 x 1stís and Puppy Group 2 under Derek Smith and also qualified for Crufts.

2005: We have brought out our new S/W puppy Coarhabeg Raphael (by C. Andantino at Alanita). His wins include 2nd in Minor Puppy Dog at Northumberland & Durham C.C. Ch.Sh. & also Scottish C.C. Ch.Sh., 3rd in Puppy Dog at Leeds Ch.Sh., qualifying him for Crufts.

Further photos of our collies can be seen on our Breeder's Interview January 2001.
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Philip and Fern Sargeant.