We phoned the Catliff's for help. John Catliff came to rescue us and we followed him to their home.

The Catliff's own two of the current top stud dogs in England: Geosan Flashback at Mallicot and Mallicot Ace of Base.Mallicot Ace of Base They are both very beautiful dogs and have a very nice character . We were also shown pups of the two litters they currently have. Unfortunately the best pups were already gone. But we were also shown a beautiful bitch, Sandalpark Sweet Charlotte at Mallicot. The Catliffs were very friendly, although they were amidst the preparations for Shirley Toothills funeral which took place the next day. Our return to our guesthouse was as adventurous as our ride to Stokedale and Mallicot, and does not tell good things about our navigational abilities.

The next day was our "day off". After breakfast we drove to the Clarke's for a chat and then, on their advice, visited Belvoir Castle, the residence of the Duke of Rutland. It is very beautiful, unfortunately it is not on sale, so we just took a few pictures. Then we did a little shopping in a town nearby ( Grantham ) and went back to the Clarke's for dinner, which again was delicious. The Clarke's have been breeding for a long time and they have lots of stories to tell. The next day, Alan was to take us shopping for a few local specialties. But first he showed us a few of the Lynway veterans. We saw a beautiful, 12 year old tri dog. He was never shown, but he may have been one of the most beautiful tri's. He still has a nice colour and a beautiful head. We also saw the mother of Lynway Shadeed, who is 16 years old and a 13 year old b/m, the mother of Lynway Snowman. It is astonishing how well these dogs are. We also saw the oncoming Lynway dog, Lynway Stay Cool "Boris",Lynway Stay Cool which is already very succesful, and he deserves it.

Alan then drove us to Melton-Mowbray to buy "the best pork pie in the world" and to a small village to buy "the best blue cheese in the world", Blue Stilton. The cheese is made exclusively from the milk of cows that feed in the meadows of the vale of Belvoir, where the grass is green all the year. And it is true that both the pie and the cheese are delicious. After lunch at the Clarke's it was time to say our goodbyes. We drove back to Rosemary and Bernie Nicoll where we were treated an excellent evening meal and we talked about our trip. On Saturday morning we took the ferry again.

It was a very nice trip and we saw so many beautiful dogs it is unbelievable that people on the continent can think that their dogs can rival with the english. We received a warm welcome everywhere we went and we want to thank all the people who made our stay in England such a memorable event.

In September we went back for a short two-day trip, to bring back our two bitch puppies and the blue-merle dog. Hopefully we will be able to go back for a more extended visit next year