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Have your own photo featured in our funny photo section!
Well, actually we would prefer a photo of your dog.


We only accept photos featuring at least one Rough or Smooth Collie. If this condition is fullfilled, we don't care about the rest.
As the word "funny" leaves a lot to personal appreciation and interpretation, we can't help you in selecting a picture. But keep in mind that each photo is featured with an accompanying text. This text is an integral part of the "funnyness" of the page.
You can supply this text yourself, but we can also make it up ourselves. Anyway, you are at our complete mercy, as to the text that will finally be published.

For the time being, please do not send photos of dogs sleeping on a sofa. We have plenty of them (photos, not sofas). Of course if your dog does something very funny, it is not a problem if he does it on a sofa.


To have fun, to be laughed at, to help us keep our visitors amused, to become famous, to show off, to become a movie star....

How and where?

There are two ways to supply the photo(s) to us:
  • By mail: send a glossy print, size from 10x15cm to 20x28cm. The picture should be of a good quality. We will scan the photo and send it back to you. Please do not forget to supply your address! Take care to put the picture in an envelope which protects it well. Our address is featured on the home page.
  • By e-mail: if you have a scanned picture, you can send it to us as an attachment to an e-mail. However, the following conditions apply: The picture MUST be in JPEG format, file-size not more than 60 Kbytes. The picture should have a height of 300 to 500 pixels and a width from 250 to 500 pixels. Send it to . PLEASE: do not apply any text on the photo, if you have suggestions for a caption, write it in the email. We can not process pictures that are already edited.
You must absolutely supply the name of the copyright holder of the picture. Otherwise we'll send it straight back to you!

Legalese ( no fun )

  • You must have either the copyright to the photo or have the permission of the copyright owner. We can not be held responsible for a possible violation of copyright laws concerning photos submitted to us.
  • We will not use the picture beyond publishing it in the funny photo section.
  • You accept that we publish the photo(s) you submit in our funny photo section, accompanied by whatever text we think suitable.
  • We can not be held responsible for any damage to you, may it be material, immaterial, psychological or emotional, even if it is the direct or indirect consequence of publishing the photo(s) you submitted, with any text, in the funny photo section.
  • If you think that the way we publish your photo is not suitable, we will remove it definitely from our website upon simple notification
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