Pol. Champion, Pol. Youth Ch.
Youth Collie Club Winner 2002,
Polish Winner 2002
Yours Truly Of Wizard's Castle


In Poland: 3 CACIB, 2 RCACIB, 7 CAC, 8 BOB, 7 times Best Male in Breed, 5 times Youth Winner, BIS Junior, 3rd on Group, 1st on Group

In Lithuania: 1 CAC, 1 RCACIB

born 15/08/2001, CEA clear at 7½ weeks, HD-A, pictured at 16 months
Dam: Matai Sheer Magic
Sire: CH Silvermoor's Highland Chief

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"Simba" is proudly owned and handled by Mariola Skrzyszewska, Poland
Padawan Collies

"Simba" has been successfully shown:

04/07/2004 1st Excellent, CAC, BOB, Group Winner at the CAC in Olsztyn, judge Mr Pawel Szemraj

"Very elegant dog, typical representative of the breed. Excellent expression of head, ears settled and carried very properly, dark eyes, scissors bite. Very good upper line, limbs properly angulated, fluent movement, long tail well carried. Profuse coat of excellent quality"

19/06/2004 2nd Excellent, RCACIB at the CACIB show in Szczecin, judge Miroslaw Redlicki

"Very atractive dog, excellent profile. Excellent eye, long head, well angulated front. Long tail, correct movement, lovely coat."

09/08/2003 1st Excellent, CACIB, CAC, Best Dog and BOB in Champion Class at the CACIB Show Sopot, judge Barbara Wójcik

"Elegant dog with sound body; rich coat; proper angulation; excellent movement"

20/07/2003 1st Excellent, CAC, Best Dog, BOB in Champion Class at the CAC Show in Gdynia, judge Piotr Król

"Beautiful, extremely glamorous, dog; beautiful head, excellent shape and colour of the eyes; elegant presentation in movement and in static, professionally handled "

22/06/2003 2nd Excellent in Open Class, RCACIB/RCAC at the CACIB Show in Szczecin, judge Jaroslav Matjas

"Nice format; excellent head and expression; proper angulation; excellent coat; very good movement."

15/06/2003 1st Excellent in Open Class, CAC Best Dog, BOB at the CAC show in Ostróda/Olsztyn, judge Mr P.Szemraj

"Nice dog with excellent proportions; excellent head with very good expression; stop well marked; ears properly set and carried; dark eyes; scissors occlusion;very good upper line; tail properly set and very good carried; coat very rich and of good quality"

03/05/2003 1st Excellent in Open Class, CAC, CACIB, Best Dog, BOB at the CACIB show in Lodz, judge Mr Sandor Szabo

"good coat; typical, male head with nice expression;good ears, properly settled long, elegant neck; proper front and back"

12/04/2003 1st Excellent in Open Class, CAC & Best Dog at the CAC show in Grudziadz, judge Mrs Elzbieta Chwalibog

"Very effective young male, rich coat, beautiful, dark, almond-shaped eyes. Proper bones, long neck, good line of loins, natural and fluent movement."

01/12/2002 1st Excellent in Intermediate Class, CWC (= Polish CAC), CACIB, Best Dog, Best of Breed, Polish Winner 2002 at the CACIB Show in Poznan, judge Mr M.Redlicki

"Effective, proportionally built dog, good general expression, good eye, good upper line, legs properly set, excellent coat, good movement.

22/09/2002 1st Excellent & Collie Club Youth Winner 2002 at the Collie Club Show in Lodz judge Mrs Muszlai (Double Scotch Kennel, Hungary)

"13 months old dog, with a very good presention. Good bones, very good formed skull, very good neck,very good upper line of back, good and strong chest, proper angulation of front and back legs,ankle-joint in good position, very smooth (fluent) in movement."

10/08/2002 1st Excellent, Best Junior All Breeds at the CACIB show in Sopot judge Mr Piotr Sliwka

"Strong dog, good head, good weared ears, strong back, proper angulations, good action of legs."

21/07/2002: 1st Excellent, 3rd Best of Group, BEST OF BREED, Youth Winner at the CAC Show Gdynia, judge Katarzyna Fiszdon

Description (free translation): "Excellent image, excellent head, wonderful coat, very good movement."

14/07/2002: 1st Excellent Youth Winner at the CAC Show Koszalin, judge A.Ziolkowska

Descripion (free translaction): "Atractive dog, body correctly built, rich coat, correct head, ears correctly set and carried."

26/06/2002 1st Excellent , Youth Winner at the CACIB Dog Show in Szczecin, judge Mr Pinto Texeira

Description: "Good height and proportions, good lenght of mug, nice shape of eyes, properly fixed (=placed) ears good paws, good in movement, good front, proper back-line, proper angulation of back legs, back legs good in action, but joints of front legs a little bit too soft (flacid)"

26/05/2002: 1st Excellent Youth Winner & Best Junior In Breed at the CAC Show Slupsk, judge Mrs Alexandra Lubaszka.

Description: "Strong dog, with very good proportions,very good head, with a typical male expression, excellently positioned and carried ears, dark eye, proper occlusion, very good upper and lower lines, good angulations, loins could be tied better but in movement very effective. Coat in a good type and structure."