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Doris Kina
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Ruhrgebietssieger 1998, BH-A

born 20.09.95, CEA/PRA free and HD-A
Ch. Amalie Best Bitter x Hirondelle Blue du Dramont

After Lazar's respectable successes at shows (1x Exc1 CAC, 1x Exc2 CAC res, 2x Exc3, 1x Exc4, 4x Exc) we are now enjoying the showresults of his offspring. Caledonian Joyful Joleen (owned by Hernstein v. Glahn family) gained the necessary CC's for the German Youthchampion in a short time, and Caledonian Jetty Jade (owned by. J. Vogt, Collies vom Old Tom) , Caledonian Jolly Jona (owned by Fam. Klein, Caledonian Collies) as well as Dirasca's Message of Blue (owned by M. Rasche, Dirasca Collies) have already been rather successful.


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